Federal authorities are looking to speak with two Jet-Ski riders about a possible harassment case involving humpback whales in Resurrection Bay earlier this summer.

A Tuesday post on a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Facebook page shows the people in question, on two Jet-Skis, near Fox Island on July 7. According to the post, the two “were observed pursuing and riding over-top of humpback whales.”

Nicolai Tykalsky, a NOAA enforcement officer, said the actions the riders took were illegal under the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act – specifically provisions preventing boaters from closely approaching, pursuing or harassing whales or other marine mammals.

NOAA officials are hoping to speak with these two Jet-Ski riders, allegedly seen

It wasn’t clear, Tykalsky said, whether the people seen in the photos would face federal charges.

“They did violate federal law,” Tykalsky said. “As far as enforcement actions, we still need to talk to them and assess the totality of the circumstances.”

Anyone who can identify the Jet-Ski riders, or is in contact with them, is asked to contact Tykalsky or have them do so at nicolai.tykalsky@noaa.gov or 907-362-1747.