On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, Grace Christian and Anchorage Christian had a cross country meet scheduled. It was canceled. 

The events of that day put everyday life on hold for the entire country.

But, born from it was an idea to continue this event every year. Now it's an annual event. 

"We agreed after that to just run this race every Tuesday closest to 9/11 as a remembrance for what happened," said Rich Hofacker, of Anchorage Christian. 

He says it's a moment kids need to know about. And, in this case, many of them weren't even born by that day. 

"I think it's important again for our kids just to remind them that it's so easy to forget things that have happened and a reminder that we're a military community and how important our military is and has been to us," he said.

Meanwhile, it was a memorable day on the 5K trail for a pair of ACS Lions. Blake Bennett set a new course record with a time of 15:19. Tessera O'Hara clocked in at 19:59.