On this Travel Tuesday, we take a look at locations featuring various wildlife that you can see without even having to leave the Anchorage bowl.

Julie Saupe, President and CEO of Visit Anchorage joined us to detail some of these locations, and what may be featured there.

Kincaid Park: At Kincaid you may see moose, bears, or eagles. There is also a large system of trails to explore, as well as access to Point Woronzof which also has plenty of moose, and opportunities for photography.

Campbell Creek Estuary: A newer location, but one that is popular. It features many opportunities for bird watching, with sandhill cranes and migrating fowl, it also features a good overlook to the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge.

Potters Marsh: Another popular location for bird lovers, featuring Trumpeter Swans, Arctic Terns, Bald eagles, and a boardwalk which can allow you to see life within the marsh such as spawning salmon. It is also wheelchair accessible.

Eagle River Nature Center: A popular destination in Eagle River, bears, moose, porcupines, and spawning salmon can be found there. There is also a system of educational posts throughout the trail.

Turnagain Arm: A large space with a lot to explore, Turnagain Arm features some unique wildlife such as doll sheep and Beluge whales if you keep your eye to the water.

Ship Creek: A popular spot for fisherman, where it is known for an abundance of king and silver salmon.

Wildlife Conservation Center: Features a large, and safe space to view a large number of animals such as wolves and musk ox. It also includes a boardwalk to view bears.