A brown bear that raided a Juneau chicken coop Monday night was shot to death when it charged an Alaska Wildlife Trooper.

Word that the bear was in a chicken coop on Randall Road and “actively killing chickens” reached troopers just before 8 p.m., according to an online dispatch. The trooper who responded was on duty in the area, along the Glacier Highway near Auke Bay.

“When the trooper arrived on scene and approached the residence, the bear charged the trooper to within 15 feet and was subsequently shot and killed,” troopers wrote. “Subsequent investigation revealed that when the bear charged it had been at the chicken coop located at the residence. The chicken coop was not protected with an electrified fence.”

It was not initially clear from the dispatch who had shot the bear, which was taken from the scene by staff from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Its death was classified as a shooting in defense of life or property.

Troopers urged owners of livestock or chickens to secure them with electrified fences, and consult with local Fish and Game offices on ways to prevent “interactions with bears.”