The air is crisp, leaves are turning and pumpkin spice lattes abound-- and that can only mean one thing: fall is in the air!

While the news may be bittersweet-- since it means winter is coming-- we'd like to take the time to encourage all of you to join us in stopping to smell the autumnal spices.

So, dust off your favorite scarf, pour yourself an apple cider and pull up a chair next to the campfire. We want to see fall through your eyes! Fall manifests in so many ways, so snap a picture of what, to you, is quintessential fall, then ShareIt with KTVA!

Sharing it is easy as apple pie: Tweet or Instagram your photos with the hashtag #ShareIt11, or visit Share It! on or inside your KTVA app.  

We'll be featuring our favorite fall photos on air and sharing them online for everyone to enjoy.

(Credit: AJ Huddleston)
Credit: June Liu
Credit: Mary Hopson
Credit: Paul Ongtooguk
Credit: Sharon Gregory
Credit: Becky Cepriano
Credit: Hunter Sloan Sizemore
Credit: Debra J Vargay
Credit: Debra J Vargay
Credit: Debra J Vargay
Credit: Debra J Vargay
Credit: Fannie Perry
Credit: Becca Sagardia
Credit: Misty Porch
Credit: Melissa Lawyer
Credit: Amy Kay Brown
Credit: Amy Kay Brown
Credit: Amy Kay Brown
Credit: Steve Linkhart
Credit: Hunter Sloan Sizemore
Credit: Myrtis Sampson-Rogers
Credit: Robert Miller
(Credit: Rachel Menadelook)
(Credit: Susie Nickoli)
Foggy Knik Glacier in fall. (Credit: Kym Jacobson)
Fall in Eagle River. (Credit: Patricia Rhine)
Credit: Pearl Gomez
Matanuska Glacier fall via Wendy Brooker
Kodiak. (Credit: @resoff907 via Instagram)
(Credit: @Mariak16 via Instagram)
(Credit: @Mariak16 via Instagram)
(Credit: @Mariak16 via Instagram)
Long Lake. (Credit: @baybeatrice via Instagram)
Little Susitna River via Ben Johnston
(Credit: Sandy Ryks)
(Credit: Ryan Daniels)
(Credit: Shannon Deike)
(Credit: Matt Kozevnikoff)
(Credit: Eric Ballenger)
(Credit: Linda Holt)
(Credit: Margaret Cichoracki)
(Credit: Krystyn Bell)
(Credit: Krystyn Bell)
(Credit: Paris the Parson)
Old Knik Bridge (Credit: Peggy Bruant)
Old Knik Bridge (Credit: Peggy Bruant)
Otter Lake at Fort Richardson. (Credit: Louise Williams)
(Credit: Michelle Jett)
(Credit: Stephanie Eddy)
Sunrise on the Nushigak River. (Credit: @erindavenport05 via Instagram)
(Credit: Conneish Titre)
(Credit: Sandra Quinones)
Credit: Nikki Neidlinger
Credit: Joel Bagube
(Credit: Mad_Madam_Kim via Instagram)
Credit: Ruth Farnsworth
Alaska Birch forest. (Credit: @Mad_madam_Kim via Instagram)
Seal, Kotzebue. (Credit: Jimmy Evak)
(Credit: Bayam Dada)
(Credit: Chuck Freedman)
Trumpeter swans at Potter's Marsh. (Credit: Heather Stewman)
Dew Lake. (Credit: Brent Reynolds)
(Credit: Michelle Chivers)
(Credit: Michelle Chivers)
Denali at fall. Credit: @jacksprat5 via Instagram
Reeds Lake Trail. Credit: @Ragingbullgh via Instagram
Blueberries at Denali. Credit: @jacksprat5 via Instagram
Golden Valley. (Credit: @Jacksprat5 via Instagram)
@Callie_and_Parker via Instagram
Southcentral fall foliage. Credit: @Jacksprat5 via Instagram
Matansuka Glacier. Credit: Moosnround Photography via Facebook
(Courtesy Arleta Lefler)
(Courtesy Arleta Lefler)
(Courtesy Michael Allen)
Mary Simton
Credit: Via @nomse
Credit: Instagram Via @Nomse
@mad_madam_kim via Instagram
Brent Reynolds

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