A hunter killed a grizzly bear charging him near Palmer last week, in what Alaska State Troopers consider a valid shooting in defense of life or property.

Troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said the sow was shot on the evening of Sept. 1, in the vicinity of Buffalo Mine Road. The hunter, 52-year-old Wasilla resident Bobby Foote, spoke with Alaska Wildlife Troopers Saturday.

“Investigation revealed the bear charged (Foote) and a partner while he was moose hunting near Palmer and he dropped the bear with a single shot from a large rifle at close range,” troopers wrote in an online dispatch. “The bear stopped approximately 3 feet from Foote’s feet. The bear was with a second-year cub which is expected to survive.”

The bear’s hide and skull were surrendered to the state Department of Fish and Game. Troopers said biologists will either use the materials for educational purposes or sell them at Fish and Game’s annual fur auction.

Several defensive bear shootings have already been reported to Fish and Game this year, including two shot during a single June night in Eagle River and two brown bears shot in Sitka after July encounters with homeowners’ dogs.