Governor Bill Walker has expressed waning optimism for the state's gas pipeline project, Alaska Liquid Natural Gas.

At a Resource Development Council meeting Thursday morning, Walker told the crowd he's doubtful about how much longer the state will continue to pay for the project. AKLNG is one of the most expensive projects of its kind in North America, with an estimated price tag between $45 to 65 billion.

Right now, AKLNG is advancing on funds previously set-aside for the project, but Walker said he would be hard-pressed to ask the Legislature for new money once that's gone.

"I don't allow myself to get optimistic anymore, I'm hopeful. And I am hopeful. But can we continue on after this funding? I'm -- I'm doubtful honestly if we could," Walker said. "If there’s a customer out there willing to take long-term contracts which would underpin the long-term financing, then there will be a project. If there is not, then there won’t be of that nature."

According to the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, there's about $64 million left in funding for AKLNG. That's expected to last through this year.