Most of us by now have seen the destruction throughout the Caribbean Islands all caused by Hurricane Irma. The wind, heavy rain, damaged buildings and lives lost in this massive storm.

Weather experts say Irma is set to travel up the eastern coast of Florida. Former Alaska residents are once again in the path of a storm. Three of them just moved to the Orlando area from Anchorage and are living together in an apartment.

"We don't get this stuff in Alaska, and I definitely was like not thinking two weeks after we got here that one of the biggest storms in the Atlantic would be hitting," Halie Winkleman tells KTVA. "So, we're pretty nervous."

Winkleman went on to not only describe empty grocery store shelves in her area. She and her roommates are already trying to stock up on much-needed supplies -- especially bottled water.

"They limit the cases," said Winkleman. "Two per people. They won't tell you how much they have. The line wraps around the store and you just kind of wait and go in like an 'S' shape."

Her roommate Julia Fleming-Emery quickly added, "We just don't know what to expect. Never been through anything like this. The worst thing we've ever been through is a blizzard or maybe an earthquake, but it's scary. I'm definitely scared."

But as scared as Fleming-Emory admits to being Thursday afternoon, she says all three are doing what they can to help protect their new home.

"We have to go and get sandbags still. There's like a limit with that, but down here instead of just buying a sandbag, you actually bring your own shovel. They provide the bags for you but you have to fill the sand bags yourself."

As millions of others Floridians flee for their safety, the women say, they too, have an evacuation plan already set. If they are forced to stay hunkered down in their apartment, they also have ways to keep themselves busy for the possibility of being on their own for 72-hours, or more.

Stephanie Klinger is the third roommate.

"Got a few books," said Klinger. "We're thinking about getting some board games, and things like that."

At the moment, all they can do is wait and see, and hope for the best.