Many Alaskans are not taking this latest situation with North Korea very lightly. Some say they're scared and stocking up on supplies just in case we're attacked by missiles aimed at the United States.

The constant testing of North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles is putting some fear in the hearts of many Alaskans, including Anchorage resident Kristen Hunt.

"It makes me feel really scared, and I think it's absolutely wrong," said Hunt.

With so much talk about North Korea aiming its missiles at states, including Alaska, Hunt and her family are already preparing and stocking up on supplies.

Hunt went on to say, "We have things ready and in case there is something that's happening."

Businesses like Big Ray's in downtown Anchorage sell survival gear some doomsday preppers like Hunt, are storing away. Everything from freeze dried food, meals ready to eat (MREs) and even firearms and ammo are on display.

Stewart Valladolid, the general manager of the sporting goods department says sales are up, but it's certainly not coming from the Preppers.

"Most drive for getting the 'just in case items' have been my hunters and hikers so far, but again it's been only a few days since this episode happened, said Valladolid.

Things could very well change for these businesses if this North Korean situation continues to escalate towards war. Right now, it's just business as usual.