Anchorage resident Bonny Graham brings her two Brittany Spaniels to the Connors Bog dog park nearly every day, but lately, she said, her walks have been stressful. She isn't worried about the park, it's what's happening in the parking lot that has her upset.

"To have to worry about your car being broken into on a daily basis is pretty sad," said Graham.

Graham said she's seen a big uptick in the number of car break-ins at the Connors Bog parking lot this summer. Last Friday, she became a victim herself. She returned from a walk to find her window shattered. A bag that contained a few clothing items had been stolen from inside. She said the break-ins are increasing and they are happening at all hours.

"I've heard 8:30 in the morning, mine was four in the afternoon, even 2:30," said Graham. "They are happening any time throughout the day."

Graham isn't alone in her concerns. Wendy Stevenson is a frequent walker at Connors Bog and said she's seen it too.

"I've seen more and more windows busted out," said Stevenson. "Every time I park, it makes me nervous when I come back to the parking lot that my car is going to be the next one."

Others, like Anna Bosin, said they've stopped coming to the park as often as they'd like.

"I don't come here late at night or even past 8 o'clock, or dusk," said Bosin, adding that it makes it hard to get to the park in the winter after work.

Bonny Graham said that's one of the reasons she is calling for a community meeting next Saturday at 1 p.m. at the park. She wants to discuss the break-in situation and has invited the police to attend.

She wants to learn what average citizens can do to stay safe.

"We just want to be able to enjoy the dog park and walking our dogs and feel safe, yes," said Graham.

She's hoping that anyone with concerns or suggestions will attend.