It takes a lot of time and patience to grow a cabbage ready for competition at the annual Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off at the Alaska State Fair.

Organizers say there were more than 20 entries for the hour-long 2017 event, which can be viewed online. Brian Shunskis' cabbage won first place, weighing 81.35 pounds.

"It feels great, fortunate" Shunskis, from Salcha, said. "It was kind of a bad cabbage year down here (in Palmer), but where I live it was a beautiful summer."

The world record, set by Scott Robb, is 138.25 pounds.

Shunskis said he wishes his cabbage could've been bigger, but this summer's temperatures haven't been much help.

"It should be in the 90s, but it's not," he said. 

He said for the last month of the cabbage's care he "was a doctor to it," carefully taking care of any rotting areas. Organizers say cabbages do well in cool temperatures, but can struggle if there is too much rain.

Daisy Christiansen's cabbage won third place, weighing 67.8 pounds. Her prized possession, named Sauerkraut, weighs more than she does.

"I put eggshells around it, watered it and gave it sunlight," she said about her caring process for the cabbage.

The cabbages now belong to the fair, who will put them on display and eventually feed them to animals at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage.