KTVA has received word, from the family of Valley resident Eldon Lacy, that he passed away in August. You may remember Lacy from one of our honor flight stories from 2015.

Eldon Lacy was part of a group of Alaska Honor Flight veterans that traveled to Washington D.C. to see war memorials built for them. However, Lacy became ill on the return to Anchorage and was held up in Portland. The main group of veterans returned home to a heroes welcome at Ted Stevens International Airport. A large crowd, including Governor Bill Walker, were waiting for the vets when they walked through the airport terminal.

Governor Walker and the Alaska Vets Motorcycle Club weren't about to let Lacy come home to an empty airport. Three days after the main group arrived, Lacy returned.

“Thank you very much for your service to our country and our state. You make us proud,” the Governor told Lacy at the airport.

“You’re most welcome,” Lacy replied.

The Wasilla veteran then shook hands with members of the motorcycle club who showed up that night, as well.

Eldon Lacy's wife recently told KTVA 11 that her husband talked about the honor flight trip all the time. He was 87 years old.