A month after lawmakers wrapped up a third special session, Gov. Bill Walker is calling them back for a fourth. This time, on raising new revenues -- which could mean a statewide tax.

Earlier this year, the Senate voted down an income tax Walker supported.

"We've been clear that spending cuts, a spending limit and no income taxes are very important to us -- and our position won't change much on that," said Senate President Pete Kelly (R-Fairbanks). "Unless there's something new, it might be a waste of time. If we're just going to rehash old stuff, I don't see things changing much."

Within minutes of receiving an email notification Thursday morning about the special session, Republican lawmakers were tweeting.

"Feeling frustrated," wrote Rep. Cathy Tilton (R-Wasilla).

House Minority Leader Rep. Charisse Millett said she doesn't see a path forward for revenue measures.

"We're still concerned about what kind of revenue [Walker] is looking to generate. We were pretty clear during session that an income tax was off the table."

The next special session may look a lot like the ordinary one, depending on what Walker rolls out.

House leadership declined to comment on camera Thursday. In a statement, House Speaker Bryce Edgmon (D-Dillingham) said:

"The members of the Alaska House Majority Coalition are prepared to go back to work to finish what we started earlier this year when we passed a full fiscal plan that included new revenue to fill the budget gap."