Heavy rainfall is causing flooding and erosion on the east and west sides of the Prince William Sound. Snow is falling in the Brooks Range and Ketchikan is seeing its wettest summer on record.

Record rainfall and flooding in Cordova

The National Weather Service issued a small stream flood advisory near Cordova Wednesday morning as rivers and lakes are spilling their banks. 

The Copper River Highway was closed due to water on the road near the Sheridan River. 

Alaska Department of Transportation tells KTVA the road is under water near mile 14, just one mile from the Mudhole Smith Airport. The highway is also under water at mile 25 near Goose Meadows. This blocks access to the Copper River Delta for fishing and recreation.

The City of Cordova says Power Creek Road washed out for the second time this month.

This blocks access to some private homes, the power creek hydroelectric plant and the Chugach National Forest's Power Creek trail. The DOT says there is nothing they can do until the water goes down.

Eyak Lake rose over three feet since Tuesday afternoon. It's about a half of a foot over its banks.

Cordova set a new record for rainfall on August 29 of 5.26 inches of rain. That brings it up to over 14 inches this month, which is about five inches more than normal.

Wendy Ranney captured this photo of the water flooding a park in Cordova.

Flooding on the Kenai Peninsula

Across the Prince William Sound, the Alaska railroad saw the rainfall take its toll on the tracks between Seward and Portage.

The Railroad tells KTVA there was a washout near the bridge at mile post 46, which is near Grandview.

They were forced to bus about 100 people from Seward to Anchorage Tuesday night, and another 100 passengers from Anchorage to Seward Wednesday morning.

The rail line was re-opened Wednesday afternoon after maintenance crews made the needed repairs with excavators and air dumps.

Wettest summer on record in Ketchikan

Further south, in Ketchikan, the southeast town is seeing its wetter summer on record. They've already seen 44.2 inches of rain since August 30, with more rain in the forecast Wednesday tonight and Thursday.

Snow in the Brooks Range

While Southcentral and the southeast are seeing rain, it's snow that's falling further north.

Arctic Village saw snow falling Wednesday morning. Mari Russell shared this image of the fresh snow on top of the new fall colors.

Anaktuvuk Pass is also seeing snow, as is much of the Brooks Range. Two to four inches of snow is expected above 2,000 feet in the eastern Brooks Range through Wednesday afternoon.

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