A 43-year-old man who masturbated in front of a 7-year-old girl at an Anchorage bookstore where he was working last year has been convicted of indecent exposure in a bench trial.

Monday’s verdict against Michael Cunningham, handed down by Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton, was announced Tuesday by Anchorage District Attorney Clint Campion’s office. The July 8, 2016 case occurred at Title Wave Books in Spenard.

“The State presented surveillance video which showed Cunningham exposing himself and masturbating in the presence of the child,” prosecutors wrote in a statement.

Campion said Tuesday that no information from the case indicated that Cunningham had any additional victims.

A charging document against Cunningham, written by Assistant District Attorney Daniel Shorey, said investigators spoke with the girl Cunningham exposed himself to.

“(The victim) said she was in the Harry Potter section and she saw a man with a hole in his pants and his penis was out,” Shorey wrote. “(She) said she tried to ignore it. (She) told police when she went to the register the man had put a book over his penis and waved at her.”

Cunningham allegedly admitted to police that he was a pedophile when officers spoke with him. He also mentioned that he was on probation from Oregon after being convicted on three 2015 counts of public indecency, in Washington County near Portland.

Title Wave manager Angela Libal says Cunningham was originally hired on with a small group of people for the summer. He was working by himself when the incident happened. She said he was facing one of the 16 surveillance cameras in the bookstore.

With the help of police, she had him immediately terminated.

"We had the police do the termination -- he was scheduled to work that day, so we contacted them and issued a trespass," Libal said.

In a press release sent out Tuesday, Libal said Title Wave is a family-friendly bookstore and has added extra vetting to the employment process.

All three of those counts, Shorey said, involved Cunningham exposing himself to children between the ages of 7 and 11 “at stores and parking lots.”

Cunningham had been required to register as a sex offender in Oregon due to those charges, Shorey said, but wasn’t required to do so in Alaska because they didn’t involve masturbation.

Cunningham will remain in Alaska custody until Wolverton determines his sentence at a December 15 hearing. He faces a presumptive prison term of two to 12 years in the Anchorage case.