A new school year for Anchorage students is bringing some changes -- at least when it comes to school lunches.

Food and menu manager Laura Phillips said 50 percent of the items on the menu are new this year after students took a district-wide survey about what they did and didn't like.

Phillips said some of the most popular things students requested were pulled pork sandwiches and fried chicken. The District plans on offering both in the near future, although the chicken will be baked with a multigrain crust that mimics being fried.

Phillips said the District is hoping the pork for those sandwiches could eventually be supplied locally by farmers in the Mat-Su Valley. For now, they are buying local potatoes, as well as carrots and broccoli.

But one of the biggest changes this year is a new website that allows students and parents to see exactly what's in the food they're being served.  Phillips said the website lists nutritional information and can even flag foods that students might be allergic to.

"It lets you know immediately," said Phillips. "If your child is allergic to wheat, you'll see that that product should not be allowed for that day. It just gives you a real precise way of finding out what allergens are in that food."

Another change? The price of lunch has gone up. Phillips said it costs a dime more this year across the board.