For a lot of us, going to the fair means eating that sinful dish you can only sink your teeth into two weeks out of the year. I’m talking about anything from elephant ears and funnel cakes to fried peaches, Denali Cream Puffs and my all-time favorite, Rollin’ Donuts!

For the others who are eating on the healthier side, or at least trying to, I thought it was time to scope out the best places you can find delicious fair food for half the calories. With my calorie counting app called MyFitnessPal in hand, I did just that.

Here's a look inside three food booths that shouldn't compromise your diet.

Friar Tuck's - Red Trail

In all the years Friar Tuck's has been at the fair, this was the first year I have actually tried it out! Now I truly understand why this place is always so busy.

Corn on the Cobb - *77 calories
Every year I see a bunch of people with a corn husk in hand, so I thought to myself, it can't be that bad. I looked on the MyFitnessPal app to see how many calories were in one of these babies and found that if I get it without butter, it would set me back 77 calories.

Apple Dippers - *240 calories
The other thing that caught my eye was the Apple Dippers. Not only was the price right, compared to most of the other places I checked out, it would be the perfect cure for a sweet tooth without all the extra calories. According to MyFitnessPal, a red apple is 100 calories. Melted caramel dip is around 140 calories in two tablespoons. Extra toppings like peanuts can be added for extra protein. So, as long as you get the caramel on the side and dip once per slice, your stomach can thank you for a sweet treat that's less than 300 calories.

Gobblers Grille - Red Trail

Gobbler's Grille is not only one of the most popular vendors at the fair, it's an ideal spot for those on a low carb, high protein diet. 

Turkey Leg (low carb) - *0 carbs/70g protein
According to MyFitnessPal, a carnival/fair food Turkey leg is zero carbs with 70 grams of protein (sorry, barbecue sauce is not included).

Turkey "Leg" Soup - *200 calories per cup
Those on a low-calorie diet could get away with the Turkey "Leg" Soup. It's a flavorful broth with shredded pieces of turkey, rice and veggies. Even my friend-- who is the pickiest eater I know-- approved of it! MyFitnessPal says the calorie count would be around 200 calories per cup.

The Red Beet - Red Trail

The Red Beet is probably one of the healthiest places I found at the fair. It's the ideal spot for someone who is looking to eat clean and have a good variety of gluten-free options. Most, if not all, of the ingredients used to make their delicious food and freshly baked treats are grown right here in Alaska. I loved everything I tried here.

Wild Chaga Lemon Chai
This hot drink was full of flavor. It's house-harvested wild Chaga with chai spices and lemon-- which naturally sweetens it.

Filled Spicy Ginger Cookie (gluten-free)
This cookie was my absolute favorite! It has a little bit of a spicy bite that will sneak up on you. When I asked how many calories were in it, all I was told is that it's gluten-free. So, if you're counting calories, you might want to share it with your friends or family.

Full Pulp Beet Berry Juice
I was told this was one of the most popular items on the menu. The best way to describe this drink is "clean". It's made with all local fruits and veggies: red beets, strawberries, wild blueberries and raspberries.

Other Healthy food booths worth mentioning:

  • Fish On! Camp Grill at the Gathering Place
    • Yellow Trail
  • Bushes Bunches
    • Purple Trail
  • Vagabond Blues
    • Purple Trail
  • Rae’s Gourmet Tamales & Rocky’s Killer Shrimp
    • Red Trail
  • Pristine Products
    • Red Trail
  • Salmon Express
    • Red Trail
  • Red Bird Kitchen
    • Green Trail
  • Seafood Alaska
    • Green Trail

I wasn't able to visit all of the food booths, so if you have a go-to healthy food spot, or have tricks on how to have a guiltless trip to the fair, please share.

For a full list of food vendors at the Alaska State Fair, click here.

*Nutrition facts are approximate numbers based on the calorie counting app MyFitnessPal.