Alaska’s entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, as you’ll see in this week’s Frontiers program.

About a year ago, we began following Zoi Maroudas-Tziolas, an Anchorage woman, with dreams of making a better baby food.

If you want to know more about her business, here’s a link to her website:

It’s a uniquely Alaskan story, which also demonstrates a new approach to starting a business: The brick and mortar comes last, not first.

Maroudas began by selling her products online and at an outdoor market in South Anchorage – and then, after establishing her customer base, moved to a storefront – sort of backwards from the way businesses used to start, but increasingly more common.  

Since then, Maroudas has gotten national attention with invites to present at conferences held by celebrities like Martha Stewart, as well as an appearance on NBC’s Today Show. She opens her store in Anchorage this Friday, September 1.

Here are some of the highlights of this week’s show:

Homegrown Recipe for Success: A look at a partnership between a baby food business and an organic family farm.

All in the Family: Bambinos Baby Food may be a new business, but it has some deep roots in Anchorage. A look at how Zoi Maroudas got her start at Pizza Olympia, a restaurant her family started in Spenard more than 40 years ago. 

A Bright Spot in Alaska’s Economy: Our guests, Gretchen Fauske and Katherine Jernstrom, show us the wide spectrum of startups in Alaska. Fauske is from the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Business Enterprise Institute – and Jernstrom owns the Boardroom, a business that supports startups.

I love business stories, because they are often about families and individuals, who start with a dream and despite the challenges, somehow make it happen. On Frontiers, we are all about the faces, places and spirit of Alaska – and many of our entrepreneurs seem to embody this. If you have ideas for future shows, please write to us at frontiers  Comments and photos you’d like to share with our viewers are always welcome.


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