A volunteer with the Alaska Red Cross is in Texas helping victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Renata Hoskins has been volunteering with the Red Cross of Alaska for a little over a year. She’s a finance and statistical information officer. That means Hoskins collects data on everything from money to supplies to volunteers, giving scope to the operation. She said it helps the organization plan and focus on the greatest need.

“It's such a large disaster that if I thought about the whole thing, it'd be really overwhelming, but I have my part to do,” said Hoskins.

This is her first deployment for the relief organization. Hoskins was supposed to deploy to Houston but didn’t make it due to the weather. She’s instead working out of Red Cross headquarters in Austin, where conditions are windy and rainy.

"The first thing that made me realize I was from Alaska was when I put on my raincoat and went outside of the airport and realized it's really, really warm water that's coming down and it's incredibly humid,” said Hoskins.

She said flooding in Austin is making getting to the different shelters a challenge, but not nearly on the same scale as Houston. Hoskins expects to be there for at least two weeks.