Alaxsxa | Alaska is a new production from renowned performance group Ping Chong & Company. They have assembled a new performance showcasing a variety of indigenous cultures and people. They are debuting their work across Alaska before brining the show back to New York, where they are based.

The production itself is meant to showcase numerous historical encounters between the indigenous people of Alaska, and their encounters with newcomers of the land for the first time.

The show in named Alaxsxa | Alaska, expressing the juxtaposition shown throughout the performance. The word Alaxsxa, according to Chong, is the ancient name for the shores of Alaska by the Unangax tribe. This is placed next to the modern name of the state, yet again highlighting the difference between the old and the new.

You can catch the premiere of Alaxsxa | Alaska at UAA on August 31 through September 3 before the troupe heads to Bethel for their next performance.