Anchorage Police Chief Justin Doll announced new leadership in the Police Department on Wednesday. Captain Ken McCoy was promoted to Deputy Chief of Operations. Additionally, Lieutenants Julie Shank and Kevin Vandegriff were promoted to captains.

Doll said Shank will be in charge of Patrol, while Vandegriff will head up the Crime Suppression Division. Vandergriff said there will be a new focus on preventing gun violence and the drug crimes that go with it.

"The root of [gun violence] often comes back to drug offenders, so it will be a two pronged approach," said Vandegriff.

Chief Doll said he is hoping to get more patrol officers on the street who can develop relationships with community members. He said that can also help to cut back on crime.

"Knowing the officer that works in your area, feeling comfortable talking to that officer, telling them about what you are seeing in your neighborhood, what your concerns are from violent crime down to even some minor property crime offenses. That's an important relationship for us to build in the community," said Doll.

Doll said there are currently 414 Anchorage police officers on the job. He said 54 of them are still in training but should be out on the streets sometime in October.