Renowned pop artist Nicolosi has come to anchorage to help celebrate the start of the Kenai River Classic. He has brought with him two new prints featuring the likenesses of former senator Ted Stevens, and former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

    The Kenai River Classic is an annual, three-day fishing invitational that raises funds for habitat restoration, as well as a number of educational programs and institutions relating to fishing. As of yet, the event has raised over 14 million dollars in twenty-five years.

    Nicolosi has created these paintings to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Kenai River Classic. The Pieces will be auctioned off at the event, and the funds will be used towards educational programs to teach young people about conservation and how to fish.

    The subjects of the paintings themselves, Stevens and O’Connor, appealed to Nicolosi due to their passion for conservation efforts, and towards educating people about fishing, and maintaining their habitats.