Thousands of Anchorage students returned to classes on Monday for the first day of school. District spokeswoman Catherine Esary said no major problems had been reported.

One school that students and staff seemed particularly happy to return to is Turnagain Elementary. The school underwent an extensive remodel all last year that put most of the students in relocatable classrooms. Principal Carissa Cote said she was glad to have everyone back under one roof.

"It's a sense of relief to have a finished space for kids and our families, and it's beautiful," added Cote. "Everyone is settling into the new hallways and where their classrooms are so I think, by tomorrow, everyone will know where they are going."

Many Turnagain parents took time to walk their children to school on the first morning, where they were greeted warmly by teachers and staff. Kindergartners don't return for another week, but parents of some of the younger students said they found it a little tough to say goodbye.

"I haven't seen any parents crying yet," said teacher Erin Schumacher. "They're doing great, they are being brave."

Students, for the most part, seemed happy to be back, including Albi Dema.

"I'm happy to be back in school and I'm ready to learn," said the third-grader.

Words any teacher would be happy to hear.