Charging documents shed new light on a violent assault that left one man in critical condition and Anchorage Police searching for four people they say are responsible.

Police said the assault happened in the 6500 block of Cimarron Circle in east Anchorage late Sunday afternoon. They said the victim, 34-year-old Abshir Mohamed, was so severely injured, he still has not been able to speak with them.

The suspects, who police say are armed and dangerous, are 28-year-old Macauther Vaifanua, 27-year-old Faamanu Vaifanua, 29-year-old Jeffery Ahvan and 21-year-old Tamole Launa.

In addition, they are looking for a fifth person, called a "person of interest" that police have yet to identify.

Anchorage police are seeking this person of interest in an assault on Sunday, Aug, 13, 2017. (From APD)

Police are asking the public to contact them immediately if they see any of the suspects and not to try and make contact.

Many of the details about what happened were gleaned from a video tape that captured the beating. According to police, the home had multiple cameras which showed both the suspects and the victim who was bound and gagged throughout the attack. Charging documents say the video showed Mohamed-- with his hand tied behind his back-- take blow after blow, both from a metal broom handle and an aluminum bat. 

Then, according to the documents, the video shows the suspects stuffing Mohamed, still bound, inside a wire dog crate that was loaded onto the back of a truck belonging to another man who has being held at gunpoint. 

That man then drove Mohamed to the hospital, which police say the victim was found by medical personnel still inside the crate. 

"Mr. Mohamed was in the cage at the time that he was placed in the back of the pickup truck," said police spokesman MJ Thim." Then the driver left the residence and ended up at the hospital. That's where he dropped Mr. Mohamed off."

Thim said at this point the driver isn't facing any charges. He stayed at the hospital and later went to police headquarters to answer questions. 

As for a motive, the charging documents say a friend of the victim told police Mohamed owed one of the men a couple thousand dollars. The friend said he believed the money was for drugs.

Anchorage Police are still searching for all four suspect and the person of interest. If you know of their whereabouts, you're asked to call APD immediately.