She’s a girl with a gift. Emily Bear is 13 years old and is an accomplished composer and pianist. She’s played with orchestras across the world, as well as at Carnegie Hall, the White House and “The Ellen Degeneres Show.”

The teenage musical sensation will perform in Anchorage Saturday, but first she gave Daybreak a preview from Illinois via Skype for a Friday edition of Mic Check in the Morning.

“Ever since I was born, music’s kind of been around the family because I have two siblings that always played piano and my mom used to be a piano teacher,” Emily said. “I guess there was so much music around I just went to it.”

Before Emily was even 2 years old, she started fiddling around with the piano. At the age of 4 she started taking piano lessons. By the time she was 5, Emily made her first professional appearance. She says the key to performing naturally is to not be nervous and to just have fun. So far she’s already put out six CDs.

“I’m actually working on some new music right now,” she said.

Emily says there’s a lot of fun in store for this weekend’s event.

“I’m going to make up some songs on the spot,” she said. “What you have to do is create a little story with lots of details for me, and then I’ll create a song about that.”

Watch the video to hear a little preview of Emily’s impromptu Daybreak song about a little girl who’s coming to Anchorage in the fall.

Emily Bear will perform live 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27 at the Discovery Theater at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.