He describes his music as poetic hip-hop; Alaska-born and raised Frozen Ray performed his first Mic Check in the Morning Friday on Daybreak.

Frozen Ray grew up in a musical family and learned to love the melody and message of hip-hop. He says he likes to be vulnerable with his music and does his best to tell the truth of what he’s going through and write lyrics to make someone smile.

“If I was rich and I talked about all these things that I had, all these materialistic things that you didn’t have, it’s like you can’t connect with that,” said Ray. “You’re like, ‘oh I want to do that and may I want to be that’ but I’m still a human being and I’m here with you right now. We’re still on the same level, it doesn’t matter what I have or don’t have, we’re all human beings. Our connectivity is humbling and I think it’s super important for us as people.”

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