Conway Seavey and his band have a busy December ahead of them. They’re performing at the KTVA New Year’s Eve Celebration, releasing a new single on Christmas day and providing the backing band for The Stars We Are competition at Williwaw. The winner of that competition will play alongside the Conway Seavey Band on Dec. 31.

The Conway Seavey Band has been performing since 2015. The year before, Seavey released an EP called “Paradox.” It features original songs. Seavey was born into a dog mushing family from Sterling. His brother, Dallas, is a four-time Iditarod champion, and his father, Mitch won it twice. Conway instead chose to follow the path of a musician in 2008, according to his website. His band finished a six-week tour around the country in the spring of 2016.

Performing for a Daybreak Mic Check in the Morning, Seavey played “My Innocence,” the single he’ll be releasing Dec. 25. In addition, he performed another song off of his first album, set to release next month sometime, according to Seavey.