Some of the most diverse neighborhoods in the nation can be found in Alaska’s largest city. That fact will be featured in Anchorage’s official centennial celebration documentary, “Anchorage Is…

The film includes Venezuelan and Romig Middle School teacher Anaely Leon Hernandez, who recently became a naturalized U.S. citizen. She arrived in Anchorage 22 years ago as a foreign exchange student.

“The first time I came, of course, the scenery always captures you,” Hernandez said. “And then, after that, I started going to the university and started finding some amazing friends and so many things to do here, so many things.”

Hernandez paid a visit to Daybreak Thursday morning to talk about the documentary.

“With this film it’s just amazing how Anchorage is such a melting pot,” Hernandez said. “It’s welcoming to anybody and just every culture, every person is unique in its own. I think that’s what Anchorage brings to all of us.”

You can hear more of Hernandez’s story and learn just how diverse Anchorage is in the documentary “Anchorage Is…” airing next Monday on KTVA after the NCAA championship game.