A grand jury has indicted the man accused of strangling a woman unconscious, then masturbating on her in Anchorage on new charges of kidnapping and assault.

Justin Schneider, 33, faces four felony charges and one misdemeanor. Anchorage police say on August 8, officers were called to the emergency room at the Alaska Native Medical Center for a reported assault case. A woman reported she was in the area of Minnesota Drive and Spenard Road when a man engaged her in conversation and offered to give her a ride.

Charging documents, written by APD Detective Brett Sarber, said the man, later identified as Schneider, pulled up in a white SUV, introduced himself as "Dan" and claimed he knew the victim.

“(The victim) said that she had never met the man in her life prior to this encounter, and nothing else about their encounter involved drugs, sex or money, or sex for money,” Sarber wrote.

Instead of heading to Muldoon, the driver said he had to get something from another car and drove to the area of 36th Avenue and Turnagain Street, where they were stopped by road construction. A construction worker in the area later remembered Schneider, the victim and the SUV when police asked about them.

Schneider then stopped the SUV on 36th east of Wisconsin Street and asked the victim to get out while he loaded items into the vehicle. Once she approached the rear of the vehicle, Sarber wrote, Schneider “full on tackled” her, shoving her to the ground. He then began to strangle her with both hands around her throat, telling her that he was going to kill her.

Kidnapping is an unclassified felony offense. If convicted, Schneider faces a sentence of five to 99 years in prison. The sentence is determined by the judge who must consider the circumstances of the incident, the impact of the victim and community and the potential for rehabilitation of the defendant.

Schneider's bail was set last Friday at $30,000 cash, plus a court-approved third party custodian. District Court Judge David Wallace approved 24/7 electronic monitoring of Schneider by Alaska Pretrial Services - with the condition that only Megan Schneider, the defendant's wife, be allowed to transport him to court sessions and appointments with his legal counsel or physicians.

A new arraignment for Schneider was scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

APD is asking anyone who may have more information about this case or is familiar with any similar allegations to give them a call.