A new school year is coming up, but the Graduation Assistance Program (GAP) is already looking to the end of the year.

Sophia Metters says the goal of GAP is to get high school students graduate on time and be ready to find employment. As part of the program, she checks on their grades, sees if they need tutoring, or anything to help them maintain their grade point average and school life.

Metters said the students enrolled in the program will meet with her twice a month, and attend vocational events. She says the program partners with small businesses to get one-on-one help with different skills to help build resume, in the event they haven't had a job before.

For a high school student to be eligible, they need to be able to maintain a 2.5 GPA and be in tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade. They will have to participate in vocational events and dress professionally.

To enroll your student, head to the GAP Facebook page or call 907-891-2958.