Anchorage Police are looking for two people in connection with a murder in Spenard Wednesday night.

APD spokesman MJ Thim said police got multiple calls from neighbors who said they heard gunshots at 36th and Oregon around 9 p.m. When they arrived, officers found a woman dead on the ground in front of a condo complex. There was rubble all around the body, apparently from a vehicle that had smashed through a fence and struck the front of the condo.

Thim said police talked to the driver of the vehicle, then let him go, adding that they know where to find him and that the investigation is ongoing.

Thim says APD is looking for a man who was seen leaving the scene on a motorcycle driving in an alley towards West 33rd Avenue. Additionally, APD is looking for a man witnesses say was walking with the victim before she was killed. He was last seen walking eastbound on West 36th Avenue towards Minnesota Drive.

APD says one is a person of interest, while the other is a witness.

Thursday, KTVA's Lauren Maxwell spoke with a witness who claimed to have seen the murder take place. He claims the man on the motorcycle pulled up by the SUV in which the woman was a passenger and fired several shots into it.

If you have any information on the identities of either party, you're asked to call APD immediately.