The man charged with strangling a woman unconscious on an Anchorage street was granted terms for bail Friday, following a daylight attack earlier this week with sexual elements.

District Court Judge David Wallace left air traffic controller Justin Schneider’s initial $30,000 bail in place at a hearing Friday morning. He approved 24/7 electronic monitoring of Schneider by Alaska Pretrial Services — with the condition that only Megan Schneider, the defendant’s wife, be allowed to transport him to court sessions and appointments with his legal counsel or physicians.

Megan Schneider, who told the court their family has two children, promised that she would report any violations of Friday’s agreement to the court.

“I understand that if he is not able to comply with the rules, that it is best for everyone for him to be somewhere secure,” she told the court.

Assistant District Attorney Andrew Grannik spoke with Schneider, telling her “your allegiance will be with the court.”

“That’s a difficult situation to be in,” Grannik said.

But Grannik said he has full confidence in APS to enforce the electronic boundaries under the 24/7 monitoring program, as well as Schneider’s wife to follow the law.

“I seriously doubt that she would allow Mr. Schneider to engage in the behavior he allegedly engaged in on the date in question,” Grannik said.

Wallace gave Justin Schneider a firm warning to follow the conditions of release before wrapping up the hearing.

“If you’re not going to listen to her, you deserve to be in jail,” he said.

Charging documents in the case say Schneider, 33, offered a woman a ride to Muldoon in his SUV Tuesday afternoon, but instead drove her to a spot on 36th Avenue neat Wisconsin Street and strangled her unconscious as he threatened to kill her. The victim told police he then masturbated on her, telling her when she woke up that she had to think she would die so he could be “sexually fulfilled.”

Police arrested Schneider on assault and harassment charges later that day, after they say he left the victim on 36th and drove to his job at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Grannik also said a grand jury has been set for the state to seek adding on a kidnapping charge early next week, which is an unclassified felony.

The victim spoke in court by phone Friday, saying she objected to the arrangement and feared for her safety. APS officials said they would provide victim’s services and provide exclusion zones which the defendant wouldn’t be allowed to enter.

Anchorage Jail officials said Justin Schneider remained in custody Friday afternoon.

Steffi Lee contributed information to this story.