Anchorage Police are investigating the alleged assault of a woman Tuesday afternoon in West Anchorage.

Around 1 p.m., officers were called to the area of 36th Avenue and Wisconsin Street on reports of a violent assault. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment after officers arrived.

APD says their preliminary investigation reveals the suspect, 33-year-old Justin Schneider, offered the victim, whom he didn't know, a ride in the area of Minnesota Drive and Spenard Road. She accepted, however, Schneider didn't drop her off where she requested to go, but rather in the area of 36th Avenue and Wisconsin Street where he told her to get out of the car, according to APD spokesperson MJ Thim.

As the woman walked away, Schneider tackled the woman, got on top of her, strangled her with both hands and stated he was going to kill her, according to a release from APD. He continued strangling her until she became unconscious, and that's when, according to authorities, Schneider began performing sexual acts upon himself before leaving the woman and driving to Ted Stevens International Airport where he works as an air traffic controller, Thim says.

Schneider was taken into custody Tuesday evening and charged with second- and third-degree assault and first-degree harassment.