The Anchorage School Board is holding its first meeting Monday evening since taking most of the summer off. Board President Tam Agosti-Gisler said she anticipated an evening of catching up with various reports on what's been happening in the District during the summer.

Agosti-Gisler said they will also discuss some of the board's goals for the school year that were drafted in a retreat back in June. A big one? Taking a hard look at school start times and whether they should be moved back. Agosti-Gisler said the research is clear that adolescents do better when they get more sleep.

"For adolescents, a later start time has a dramatic impact on their academic performance-- not to mention their health," said Agosti-Gisler. "And if you look even at auto accidents, statistics across the nation, it's a definitive safety precaution in having later start times."

But the board isn't taking a stance on the issue, nor do they have a specific proposal. Agosti-Gisler said the intent is only to get the conversation started, which she anticipated could last throughout the year and which would certainly require lots of input from public.

Monday's meeting is open to the public. It starts at 7 p.m. at the Anchorage School District Headquarters on Northern Lights and Boniface.