A faulty fuse box was to blame for Wednesday’s fire at the Silver Fox Inn in Wasilla that caused more than $100,000 of damage, managers said.

The roof needs to be repaired and there’s a massive hole in the floor, as well as smoke damage all around the restaurant and bar.

Michelle Alley said they’re fortunate it wasn’t worse; the fire started in the basement behind concrete walls that kept the flames from spreading too quickly.

“I have a total structure, I can work with that,” Alley said.

Her family has owned the Silver Fox Inn for two decades. Thanks to loyal customers, like Joel Elson, they won’t have to make the repairs alone.

“This is my community, this is where I live,” Elson said. “I don’t live very far from here. These people are great people and I’m glad to be able to help out.”

Staff put out a plea on Facebook and donations and volunteers started pouring in.

“All of you out there will never know how much I appreciate what you’re doing for this place. For as long as you’re here, I will be here,” Alley said as she choked back tears.

She said this difficult week has shown her what the Silver Fox Inn means to the community and she can’t wait to welcome customers back.

A Northrim Bank account (No. # 7102258436) has been set up for donations.