A group of young Alaskans has been raising money to protect the feet of those in third-world countries.

The Eagle River Bear Mountain Leos — part of the Lion’s Clubs organization — raised $2,000 to buy 88 unique pairs of shoes from The Shoes That Grow. The shoes can be expanded to grow five sizes as the wearer grows, and are designed to last at least five years, according to the company’s website.

The Shoe That Grows

The Shoe That Grows


The shoes will be sent to Kenya and other third-world countries.

“I really hope that they can combat the diseases that they’re dealing with,” said Leo Lindsey Vance. “A lot of them have parasites that are transmitted through the feet, that can be really, really bad. They can go up the leg, they can be really deadly and can inhibit them from not only school, but everything else they are trying to do, and if life is already hard for them. That’s already going to take a toll on their lifestyle, and I just hope that this will improve their quality of life.”

The Leos’ goal is to buy 100 pairs of shoes.

Their organization has donated about 30,000 pairs of shoes worldwide.