The Anchorage Police Department has identified the officers who shot and killed a man Tuesday evening as officers Cole Grigg and Bart Filipowicz.

The two officers both fired their weapons at 23-year-old Benjamin Zekovic as he advanced while throwing weapons at them and other officers.

“In defense of their own lives, officers fired,” APD said in their initial statement regarding the incident.

APD’s interactions with Zekovic occurred at the Home Depot on Rodeo Place, where Zekovic allegedly stole multiple items and assaulted a store employee with axes and hatchets.

Zekovic died in the hospital. Police said the incident was being investigated by the Alaska Office of Special Prosecutions and Appeals, as well as the Office of Professional Responsibility. APD said the two officers were placed on paid administrative leave for four days, per department policy.

A statement from police said Grigg has been with APD for 13 years, while Filipowicz has been with the department for nearly two years. Neither they nor any of the other officers at the scene were hurt during the incident.