Thursday evening dozens of Alaskans gathered for a bike ride on the Coastal Trail, honoring one of the people killed in Sunday’s double homicide.


Someone found a body on the bike path in Valley of the Moon Park at 2 a.m. Sunday and called police. When officers arrived they found two bodies and identified them as Kevin Turner, 34, and Bryant (Brie) De Husson, 25.

“We knew that Brie stood for something so much more, and that is the vision to create the world we all want to live in,” said one of the bike ride organizers Brandon Hill with Alaska Rising Tide.

Brie De Husson was an activist, fighting for the environment and for people.

“I hope that his mission of his equality has laid a foundation for something better, like he was,” said Brie’s father, Gordon De Husson.

Brie De Husson tried to help people struggling with their gender identity, and didn’t identify solely with either gender, preferring to be called “they,” and “them,” instead of “he” or “she,” something Brie De Husson’s mother says she didn’t always get right, but she tried.

A handwritten note found in Brie’s room was made into a banner. The to-do list read: “bike ride – end of summer.”


Together, the group of at least 100 people rode a mile of coastal trail in honor of Brie De Husson, ending the ride at Lyn Ary Park.

“We won’t take violence in our public places any longer,” said Hill.

People took turns breaking the silence with stories about Brie De Husson.

Brie De Husson aunt shared a lesson: “All I can do to move forward is say that every day I’m gonna be a little bit kinder, I’m gonna connect a little harder, and I’m gonna put my cell phone down just a little bit more. I’m gonna look at the person next to me and I’m gonna connect with them because that’s what’s happening is we’re not connecting enough, and that’s what he did. Look at every body here,” she said.

APD says their investigation into the double homicide is still ongoing and they haven’t been able to develop any suspect information.