Sequoya Joseph’s house has been a work in progress for more than a decade.

“I’m excited it’s getting redone,” Joseph said. “We’ve been living in a dump for 11 years.”

On Wednesday, more than 40 volunteers from Home Depot spent the day giving her Muldoon townhouse an extreme makeover — completely remodeling the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom.

As a single mom and member of the Air National Guard, Joseph was selected to be part of Home Depot’s Celebration of Service campaign.

“I’m excited to have my bathroom back. I’m tired of coming up and down the stairs taking showers,” Joseph said.

She moved to Alaska after she lost her home in Hurricane Katrina. She lives in Anchorage with her mother, sister and 8-year-old son; all of them squeezed together in a house they’ve been working to improve.

“We tried to do the flooring and then our hot water heater went out. We tried to do upstairs and our refrigerator went out. It seems like every time we tried to do something on our own, we got a push back with something else,” she said.

Staffers from Home Depot volunteered their time and the store donated $7,500 of cabinets, lighting, paint and even a new bathtub.

“It makes it feel like home,” said Valerie Carroll, a pro desk supervisor for the Tudor store. “A lot of things people take for granted when they buy a house or rent a home. If it’s already there, you don’t think about it. If you can make your home living good, it makes you feel better.”

Joseph said it was incredible to see how much work the crew got done in just one day.

“It’s truly a blessing. You don’t see this stuff happen in real life,” she said, adding that it felt like she was part of a home improvement show. “It’s not the whole house, it’s the most important parts we needed the most.”

All Home Depot seven stores around Alaska try to do at least one or two community service projects like this for military service members every year.

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