Less than three weeks before the election, the debate over a marijuana initiative in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough is getting contentious. Members of a Proposition B1 campaign say someone is vandalizing their signs.

Green Jar CEO Caleb Saunders said the signs had only been up for a couple days, but someone spray-painted a sign along the Glenn Highway. The vandal changed the “no” to a “yes.”

A yes vote on Prop B1 would ban pot businesses in the unincorporated areas of the borough. A no vote would allow businesses following state law.

Saunders said the vandalism is frustrating.

“It was immediate,” he said. “We had just put these signs up in the last couple days so it was hard to see that and then we had a couple frames that were taken before we had the chance to get it fully up and going.”

They replaced the damaged sign, but about 30 minutes later, another campaign member said someone came along and destroyed it and the frame. Saunders said he thinks the vandal is someone selling pot on the black market who doesn’t want the competition if legal marijuana is allowed in the Valley.

The initiative is on the Oct. 4 ballot. See the full list of propositions and candidates on the Mat-Su Borough’s website.

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