A Turnagain neighborhood that’s been plagued by petty crime is fighting back. Longtime resident Peter Ferrara says stolen bikes, car break-ins, vandalism and drug deals have become far too common in the Woodland Park subdivision.

“And it isn’t just this neighborhood, it’s all over Anchorage,” Ferrara said. “It’s in Mountain View, Fairview, South Anchorage. There’s no place that’s immune. We’re mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it any more.”

Neighbors who say they are tired of having property stolen have started a neighborhood watch group. There are posted signs on many homes and on the street, but one man has taken it even further.

Devin Miles has installed 15 security cameras on the outside of his home. Miles said his cameras are pointed to the street, neighbors’ homes and the park across the street where they’ve experienced problems with vagrants.

“I want everyone to know going in or out of the park, ‘hey, this is a safe park to play in,’ or, ‘I’m doing something I shouldn’t and I need to move on,’” Miles said.

Miles said he’s become the “go-to guy” in his neighborhood. When something happens or something goes missing, neighbors come to him to see if he caught it on tape. Many times, he has.

Miles said crime in his immediate area has gone down since the cameras went up. Other neighbors agree. Ferrara said he’s seen a difference since neighbors started watching out for one another but he added that police could still do more to help cut down on crime.

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