The Anchorage Assembly unanimously approved a request from Girdwood for a contract with the City of Whittier for police coverage, now that Alaska State Troopers have left.

In February, troopers announced their departure from a stretch of the Seward Highway that included Girdwood and other communities. The contract approved would provide Whittier police service in the Girdwood Valley Service Area (GVSA) from Oct. 15 to Dec. 31 while Girdwood and Whittier “are exploring a longer-term relationship.”

“Although it looks calm on the surface, there are a lot of people pedaling below the surface, including Mr. Falsey and others in the administration, to get police protection in Girdwood,” Assemblyman Bill Evans said Tuesday night.

That service would come at a price of $2,000 a day, amounting to $156,000, per Whittier’s request. In April, Girdwood residents passed a measure allowing them to be taxed for police coverage. It passed by just three votes, with 411 votes for the property tax increase, and 408 against it.

“The Whittier Police Department is the only law enforcement agency with the ability and willingness to provide officers to be physically present and providing law enforcement within the GVSA over the relevant time period,” Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s request on Girdwood’s behalf stated.

The measure was passed with little discussion at the Assembly meeting.