The invasive weed called elodea has now been spotted in Potter Marsh.



Elodea is a common aquarium plant that’s illegal to buy or sell in Alaska because it can choke out native plants and alter fish habitat.

According to Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Elizabeth Bluemink, a U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife employee discovered the plant in early October. Bluemink said the infestation appears to be less than an acre in size and seems to be confined to the southeastern area of the marsh in a roadside ditch.

Bluemink said Elodea eradication has been successful at Anchorage’s Lake Hood and the Delong, Little Campbell and Sand Lakes as well as three lakes on the Kenai Peninsula.

State and federal officials are working on a management plan for Elodea at Potter Marsh. Bluemink said they hope to have it available for public review in January and implement the plan in the spring of 2017.

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