The Greater Wasilla Chamber of Commerce (GWCC) says local businesses should beware of phone calls from someone fraudulently claiming to be with the agency.

“Someone was calling into local businesses claiming to be the Greater Wasilla Chamber of Commerce, informing the companies that it was urgent and needed that they update their business information with them,” the GWCC said in an email.

The agency stated it has not called any organizations asking for updates, and said it does not ask for billing information, like credit card or banking information, over the phone.

If you receive a call as such, please do not give out any information to the individual,” the GWCC wrote.

Anyone with questions about the scam is encouraged to contact the GWCC directly by calling 907-376-1299. If you feel you have given sensitive information to a scammer, you are encouraged to file a complaint with the Alaska Department of Law’s Consumer Protection Unit.