If you indulged in a little online shopping on Monday, you weren’t alone. Millions of Americans were expected to take advantage of online deals on the day dubbed Cyber Monday.

Alaska businesses are also cashing in on the online trend, and many offered special deals for the day. At Alaska Wild Berry Products, shipping manager Lee Simmons said Cyber Monday is considered the start of their holiday season.

“Everything that has been coming in slowly, now they start ordering by the hundreds,” Simmons explained.

Copper River Seafoods is another business benefiting from Cyber Monday sales.

“Literally, as we are talking, the orders are rolling in,” said manager Cassandra Squibb.

Squibb said the company’s venture into online retail started just a few years back but has been growing steadily since then. She said Alaska seafood is a popular holiday gift.

But it isn’t just Alaska food that is making its way through cyber space. Octopus Ink is a locally designed clothing business with a small shop in Anchorage, but a big presence online. Manager Juanita Martin said sales peak during the holidays.

She said many of their customers first come to know them when they visit the store on vacation.

“They want a website,” Martin said. “A lot of travelers they come here and they buy something and they go home and they want to buy gifts and things like that, so yeah, social media is huge.”

Martin said the store is offering 20 percent off everything online. That deal started on Thanksgiving and ends at midnight on Monday.

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