Tax season is here. A number of organizations in Anchorage are helping people deal with the headache of filing taxes through a free tax preparation service.

The AARP Foundation and the United Way of Anchorage hosted the first tax preparation event at the Northeast Community Center Saturday.

“One of the very, very wonderful things about what we do and what the volunteers do is to make absolutely sure that the taxpayers get every tax refund, every tax credit that they have coming to them,” said Maureen Haggblom, the director of community impact for the United Way of Anchorage.

Tax aides go through a rigorous training process to ensure they know which kinds of credits are available to people based on their income and number of dependents.

“It’s also a nice opportunity to be able to talk to someone about your payroll withholding and whether or not you’d want to change that,” Haggblom said. “Do you want a big refund at the end of the year, or would you rather have more money in your paycheck throughout the year?”

Tax aides are available throughout the municipality from now until the national tax deadline of April 18.

You can find the full schedule by clicking here. Additional information is also available by calling 211. Individuals who earned less than $64,000 in 2016 can also file taxes for free at

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