Some quick-thinking motorists are being praised by police for rescuing a man trapped beneath a pickup truck on the Seward highway Saturday night.

Those who stopped to help said they didn’t think twice about their actions. What they did took less than two minutes and may have saved a man’s life.

With his adrenaline pumping, Russell Raven recounted the experience moments later in a Facebook Live video.

He said he’d witnessed a man walk into oncoming traffic at the intersection of Benson Blvd. and the New Seward Highway. Police say the pedestrian was hit by a Toyota truck and dragged several feet before the vehicle was able to stop on the icy roads.

Raven said the man was pinned under the truck.

“I hopped out of my car and a loader just started driving by. [I] flagged the loader down, got the guy to spin around down by Northern Lights and come back and pick this car off of this guy and save his life,” Raven said.

Dash cam video from a passing car caught the tail end of the rescue as the truck was lifted and the pedestrian pulled from under the truck

Police arrived moments later.

Van Withrow was driving the front-end loader and snapped this picture from the cab shortly after the rescue. (Courtesy of Van Withrow)

“I honestly thought the guy was dead,” said Withrow. “Like, the way he was bent underneath that car, he was bent in a way the human body should not be bent. I saw him moving his arms and legs and I was shocked.“

Anchorage police say the man was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“Every situation is different,” APD spokesperson Renee Oistand wrote in an email. “In this case the driver of the front-end loader, and the citizens who pulled the pedestrian out from under the vehicle, very probably saved the pedestrian’s life. We are very appreciative of our citizens who witnessed a dynamic situation and quickly chose to get involved.”

Raven said it simply feels good to have helped someone in need.

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