The executive director of a local dog rescue is once again facing a fine from Anchorage Animal Care and Control.

Animal control received a complaint, which raised the concern that dogs were being kept at a warehouse on Mike Street, according to spokesperson Laura Atwood.

Atwood said when officers went to investigate, they learned Beverly Ausick, executive director of Alaska Animal Rescue Friends (AARF) was using the space for the rescue. Officers didn’t see dogs living at the facility, but did see a lot of feces, so they fined Ausick $500 for care and sanitation violations.

“If any more complaints are filed, we will follow up, just as we always do and yes, it is possible that our officers may make unannounced checks just to see how the facility is being maintained and see how many animals are indeed there,” said Atwood.

The owner of the warehouse confirmed Ausick is using the office space to coordinate AARF foster homes and adoptions, but not to store animals.

Ausick did not want to go on camera or talk with KTVA. She has been fined in the past for care and sanitation violations related to the previous facility where AARF housed some of its rescue dogs.

Atwood says animal control officers do not focus on a single person or organization when it comes to enforcing the code. They instead focus on the conditions in which the animals are living.

“Do they have shelter? Do they have food and water? Do they have adequate veterinary care? We have to go by what the code allows us to check for the care of the animals,” said Atwood.

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