Nick Swann / KTVA

ANCHORAGE — A good Samaritan has helped to remove the graffiti from the train that sits on the Delaney Park Strip, and it wasn’t the person who first volunteered to do the job in the first place.

Anchorage park planner Maeve Lavtar said she had instructed city maintenance crews to try and remove the graffiti as best they could, but an anonymous man and his family got there first. Although Lavtar didn’t know it at the time, she actually caught them in the act.

The Delaney Park 556 Train. (Nick Swann / KTVA)

“Ironically, that night, at the end of the day, I was driving by to check on the train to see if our maintenance crew had cleaned it it up. And it was getting cleaned up and there was someone out there,” said Lavtar. “So I actually saw them, but it didn’t dawn on me that this was a wonderful citizen who had volunteered his time.”

Lavtar said work on the train isn’t finished. It will still need to be sandblasted and repainted to restore its special finish. But another man has volunteered his company, Dama Industrial, to do the work. A local Sherwin-Williams store is donating the paint.

Lavtar said she’s been thrilled at the community interest and how many people have offered to help. But she added it’s best if people call first.

She says people who would like to volunteer on any parks projects can call 343-4355