In the heart of downtown Palmer, some people saw an old abandoned building; but, two local antique enthusiasts saw a chance to salvage history.

Alaska Picker co-owners Kelly Turney and Becky Green travels all over the state searching for items to repurpose and resell. They have uncovered some pretty cool stuff, but the new building their store just moved into is right at the top of their list.

“I happened to be driving around downtown and saw the for lease sign on this building in February,” Turney said.

Turney says the 1957 building originally held cold storage for the Matanuska Valley Co-op, and at one point, it also acted as the paint and repair shop for Matanuska Maid dairy trucks.

Alaska Picker staff spent all spring renovating the historic building.

Turney says they are in the business of taking something old and making it new again, which is exactly what he’s trying to do to a downtown Palmer block that hasn’t had much attention for decades.

“This is like the heartbeat of Palmer, this is where Palmer started in 1935. So, for us to be able to be on the front end revitalizing this block was a really big selling point for us to move here,” Turney said.

Alaska Picker is not the only business working to revive this part of historic downtown Palmer.

Matanuska Brewing is working to open up next door in the old Matanuska Maid blow mold building.